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Since 2005, SPF Depot has supplied a complete lineup of Graco spray foam insulation equipment, Graco spray foam gun parts, Graco OEM spare parts as well as SPF Depot-designed and manufactured OEM replacements that are higher quality and lower priced than the originals. SPF Depot stocks over over 200 various parts for Reactors, Fusion, Probler, Gap and other guns. Most items ship same day, sold below retail price and we always help customers with problems encountered with Graco Reactors and guns

If you need Graco replacement parts or Graco repair parts for your Fusion AP gun, your Fusion CS gun or your Graco Reactor Proportioner, look first to SPF Depot for the best prices on OEM and the best quality on our own SPF-made parts, usually offered at a huge discount from OEM cost.

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Genuine Graco Part

Retail Price: $0.85
GX7 Gusmer Handle Screw GX7 Handle Screw

  • GX7 Gusmer 4406-16 , Graco 120039. Item J in drawing

Retail Price: $1.04

Genuine Graco Part

Retail Price: $1.10
GX7 Valve Spool Sleeve O-rings GX7 Valve Spool Sleeve O-rings

GX7-106555, Gusmer

Retail Price: $1.50
Graco Gap Pro O-Ring Kit Graco® Gap Pro O-Ring Kit

Genuine Graco Reactor Parts

Retail Price: $2.65

Genuine Graco Part

Retail Price: $2.65
Socket Head Screw Socket Head Screw

Graco 111945, Gusmer # OP308-16

Retail Price: $3.15
Gusmer AR-C/D Filter Screw Snap Ring Gusmer AR-C/D Filter Screw Snap Ring

Graco 295595, Gusmer 1131-3

Retail Price: $3.55
Graco Fusion AP Trigger Screw Graco Fusion AP Trigger Screw

Graco 203953 Fusion AP Trigger Screw - 2.90ea

Retail Price: $4.00
Gusmer Graco H20 Pro Seal Seal Kit 112793 H20-35 Pro Packing O-Ring

Retail Price: $4.55

Genuine Graco Part

Retail Price: $4.65
Graco Snap Ring Graco Snap Ring

Retail Price: $4.85
Graco Pump Seal Graco Pump Seal

Retail Price: $5.10

OEM Part

Retail Price: $5.40
GRACO P2 Gun Check Valve Spring Graco GC1922 Spring - P2 Guns

OEM Part

Retail Price: $5.40

Genuine Graco Part

Retail Price: $5.40
Graco SPRING, Graco® SPRING,

OEM Part

Retail Price: $6.00
Graco Screen Pump, 80 Mesh Graco® Screen Pump, 80 Mesh

Genuine Graco Parts

Retail Price: $6.50
Socket Head Screw Socket Head Screw

Graco 105205, Gusmer # 1818

Retail Price: $6.65
Graco CS Spring 2pk Graco CS Spring 2pk

Graco CS Gun 256923 Spring Set - 6.90 2pk

Retail Price: $6.90
Graco Front Cap, Retainer, CS Gun - Single Graco® Front Cap, Retainer - Single

Single Piece Price

Retail Price: $7.62

Graco Magnet Graco 116618 Magnet

Retail Price: $7.70

Graco 116746 TSL Fitting Graco 116746 TSL Fitting

Retail Price: $7.70
Graco T2 Pump Seal Kit 106258 T2 Pump Seal

Retail Price: $7.85
Flat Pattern Spray Tips Graco® Flat Pattern Spray Tips

427 8-10 inch pattern, 531 10-12 inch pattern, 631 12-14 inch pattern, 831 14-16 inch pattern with an 01 Spray foam Chamber.

Retail Price: $8.45


Genuine Graco Part

Retail Price: $8.55
GX7 Gusmer Safety Spring GX7 Safety Spring

GX7 Gusmer 16111-3, Graco 295676. Also fits PMC-PX7

Retail Price: $8.69
GX7 Cylinder Rebuild Kit GX7 Cylinder Rebuild Kit

Gusmer GX7 16113-1 Cylinder Rebuild

Retail Price: $9.35

Graco is a leader in supplying spray foam guns and reactors. At SPF Depot, we provide high-quality spray foam guns, such as the Probler P2 spray gun, Fusion CS and Fusion AP, and their respective spare parts. In addition to spray guns, both manual and automatic transfer pumps, agitators, fittings, gaskets, valves, chambers, plugs and more are available. The Reactor E-30 mixes primary materials for managing the performance of the spray to help ensure an even coat. The spray guns we offer provide a user-friendly interface and have low downtime for maintenance. SPF Depot has an array of spare OEM parts for your Graco equipment, including equipment that can be managed via a connected cell phone.