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Spray foam gun equipment has become more popular as the number of uses has increased and SPF tools have become more affordable.

While spray foam guns have many commercial and industrial applications, the equipment itself is extremely delicate and requires constant cleaning and attention. It is important to maintain your SPF equipment in order to ensure the longevity of your tools and the quality of your projects.

Once your equipment has become damaged by careless usage or lack of cleaning, certain parts may not be retrievable and other SPF components may be damaged.One of the most popular uses for these guns is the application of spray on coatings including polyurea coating used for truck bed liners, roof coatings, and many other uses. Polyurea is made from a synthetic resin blend that can clog your spray gun equipment if not properly maintained. If this resin or other types of spray foams become crystalized inside your equipment, it can begin to compromise the quality of future projects and render your spray foam tools useless

Here is a list of some of the most important Do's for properly maintaining your spray gun equipment to avoid things like cross-overs, leaks, and other performance shortcomings:

  • Clean the main port of your mix chamber when your pattern starts to fluctuate.
  • Use the proper size drill bit or use our Tip Cleaner with the wires that don't break. Closed cell foam gums up chambers faster than the open cell. You can flush your gun at the end of the day with our SPF-5 Hose/System flush
  • Follow our procedure on proper shut down at the end of the day and inject our grease to form a seal around your chamber. Our white grease and those from OEM's work best. Some other brands dry up and will clog your gun. Keep your gun and equipment clean. Nothing makes a contractor look worse than a ragged out gun and a trailer that looks like an ISO explosion.
  • Use our SPF-5 or even WD-40 if you want to wipe off some chemicals that are still in a fluid state. Our SPF-ISO Solvent will melt the cured ISO.
  • Wet a paper towel and place it on your gun and you can wipe it clean the next day. Read our start up procedure to check your gun PRIOR to hooking up you fluid lines.

And, here is a list of Dont's you will need to avoid in order to keep your equipment working at peak efficiency:

  • Don't soak your rubber o-rings in solvent. They have a natural lubricant built in and solvents dry them out. That's why your o-rings break when you try to remove them.
  • Don't shoot carburetor cleaner, brake cleaner or acetone into your gun. These are solvents and will gum up the system. If you have to shoot something into your gun, use WD-40. Nothing in that will hurt your seals.
  • Don't clean your parts without removing the o-rings.
  • Don't just shove a drill bit into the chamber ports. Be gentle and twist the bit as you go. That's how you break bits off. We can remove broken bits for you.
  • Don't keep spraying when you notice a bad pattern or no purge air coming out. You'll only make a simple problem worse very fast.
  • Don't over sand on your chambers and side seals. This causes the parts to become a cupped surface rather than flat. Use 1200 grit and
  • Don't sand in a circle motion. Pull or push the part in a straight line with equal pressure. Pushing hard on the front of the chamber to remove scratches causes the surface to slope. If you can feel a scratch with your fingernail, it will leak when you hit it with 1000+ psi in your gun.

We can re-surface you chambers and lap them to get them back to a factory finish.These steps and others can help ensure the longevity of your equipment and quality of your finished projects. If any of your spray foam gun equipment does become clogged or damaged, SPF Depot sells all parts and accessories needed to clean, repair, and maintain your SPF tools and equipment for years to come.

Remember, using unapproved parts with your SPF tools can cause irreversible damage to your equipment and may void any warranties. Make sure to visit our site or give us a call at 318-742-8000 for all of your spray foam gun and equipment needs today!