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Our Canadian customers will be happy to learn that we can now ship PMC spray parts and equipment to any part of the world. Our best-selling PMC (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation) items include the AP2 air purge gun, heated hose and spray foam proportioners. SPF Depot is one of the top five official authorized distributors for PMC globally. We also provide technical support for any problems you may be experiencing with your PMC equipment or parts.

PMC products, proudly made in America, represent some of the industrys finest in equipment used for applying spray foam for insulation, polyurea coating, roofing, pour foam and various other coatings. Their lineup of spray guns, heated hose and hydraulic spray foam proportioners is absolutely tops in the industry. SPF Depot carries a full line of PMC equipment as well as replacement parts to keep equipment operational and in tip-top shape. This includes PMC OEM parts and also direct replacement parts designed and manufactured by SPF Depot.

Heated Hoses and Proportioners

PMC hoses designed to keep your spray foam at the required temperature for application are available in 50 lengths and in pressure ratings of 2000 and 3500 psi. Whip hoses of 10 are also available, as are replacement temperature sensing units and flex thermocouple units.

PMC manufactures a full line of spray foam proportioners that were offering here at substantial discounts from normal list prices. These come in both air-driven and hydraulic units and are some of the most affordable, dependable units in the spray foam industry.

PMC AP2 and AP3 Air Purge Guns

We carry the lightest weight, easiest to use and maintain air purge gun out there, the PMC A-P2. Its also the most compact, lowest-priced American-made air purge gun on the market. With a special, reduced-travel trigger pull, this gun develops the needed spray pattern faster than other guns, thereby reducing user fatigue. The built-in check valve protects the gun from chemicals entering the air passages, and a special exterior coating inhibits foam buildup. Maintenance and downtime are both minimized significantly with this gun.

Other equipment now available includes several IPM drum transfer pump units from International Pump Manufacturing Inc. Also known as stick pumps, these come in a variety of fluid transfer ratios.