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Winroc first began with a single store in Winnipeg in 1971, and for nearly half a century, the company has continued growing to serve customers all over Canada and the United States with more than 40 outlets all across North America.

As a major supplier to the construction industry, providing products for contractors as well as individual, do-it-yourself homeowners, Winroc has long prided itself on the ability to obtain and bring to market the finest-quality products and tools for use in the wall and ceiling building trades.

Top American manufacturer and supplier SPF Depot is pleased to announce that, as part of this ongoing effort, Winroc is now offering a variety of its parts and solvent products. These items are geared toward those involved in the application of spray foam and polyurea coatings. SPF Depot features original manufacturer equipment (OEM) and parts as well as its own branded products, some of which are proprietary and found nowhere else.

SPF Depot is known not only for high-quality products, but also affordable prices.

One-of-a-Kind Solutions

Anyone involved in the application of spray foams or polyurea coatings, whether for walls, ceilings, rooftops, insulation or truck bed liners, knows the troublesome nature of overspray and leftover, cured product on tools and hoses. SPF Depot has developed and manufactures a proprietary product for protecting tools and safety equipment from the debilitating effects of overspray: SPF RELEASE.

This is a releasing agent that, once sprayed on a surface you want to protect, allows you to simply wipe that surface clean when desired.An example is plastic face shields used during spraying operations. Rather than tossing out and replacing your costly face shields regularly when they become unusable as a result of becoming covered with overspray, spraying them with SPF RELEASE prior to use allows them to be simply wiped off when necessary, avoiding the need for continual shield replacement, thereby saving a good deal of money.

SPF RELEASE can be used to protect whatever you need from overspray.

Other Great SPF Offerings

For items that have already been covered with spray foam or polyurea that has dried and cured (having not been pretreated with SPF RELEASE), SPF-6 is an environmentally friendly solvent that dissolves cured product from spray guns in about 30 minutes, without the need to add heat. SPF-5 is a hose and system flush agent. ISO REMOVE is another available product made specifically for the removal of cured ISO.Other SPF Depot products and parts will be available, especially if users request that their local Winroc outlet stock the items they must have. Once you use SPF Depot parts, you'll quickly realize that these are the very best products of their type available anywhere.