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There are a number of brands that make spray foam guns, and this guide can help you differentiate between each option.

Graco Spray Foam Guns

Graco was founded in the 1920s by brothers Russell and Leil Gray. Graco started as the Gray Company, and its first product was an air-powered lubricator that was portable. This spray technology served a very specific purpose back then, but the company fully embraced the idea. Soon, other applications were developed. By the 1950s, Graco had developed the first airless spray gun. The company began selling worldwide. By the 2000s, Graco was leading the way with spray foam technology. Today, Graco carries a number of quality spray guns for a variety of contexts.

Graco spray foam guns are perfect for contractors, and they are made to streamline applications. They are easy to use and easy to clean. Most of them work with minimal prep and clean up, and they are compatible with most polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. Its most popular product is probably the Graco Fusion AP. In addition to the Graco Fusion AP, other popular models are listed here.

Polymac (PMC) Spray Foam Guns

PMC spray foam guns are another popular option. PMC stands for Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, or Polymac for short, and this company got its start in 2007 as part of PMC Global. Although the company is relatively new, it is operated by individuals with vast years of experience in the urethane industry. This allows PMC to provide superior equipment and supplies to contractors. To this end, PMC has a comprehensive product line that includes a variety of spray systems. In addition to PMC spray foam guns, you can also purchase proportioning units, heat hose systems, transfer pumps and other support equipment.

PMC manufactures its products exclusively in the United States, but it has a worldwide client base. It is a popular brand that works with residential spray foam, roofing insulation, pour foam, polyurea coatings and more. Its most popular spray foam guns are listed below.

Gusmer Spray Foam Guns

Gusmer is part of the wider Graco brand, but its spray foam offerings are distinct. Gusmer joined the Graco brand in the early 2000s when the company was acquired through a business deal. Graco implemented such strategic acquisitions to expand and solidify its place in the market, and Gusmer was an apt fit. Unlike other spray foam systems offered by Graco, Gusmer systems are much more comprehensive. Gusmer offers a point-to-point electrical cabinet that is fully wired. This cabinet connects to the Graco hydraulic reactor, which ensures a strong, consistent performance.

GlasCraft Spray Foam Guns

GlasCraft is a company based in the United Kingdom, and it has a strong hold on the European markets. With 25 years of established production, GlasCraft focuses on quality plural component systems for spray or other types of dispensing. The company has been steadily seeking to expand its offerings, which is why GlasCraft is now proud to be a supplier of Graco equipment in the United Kingdom. Graco's operations are based in the United States, but through its partnership with GlasCraft, both companies have expanded their operations in a positive fashion.

Because of its position as a Graco supplier, much of what GlasCraft has to offer in terms of spray foam technology is from Graco. Popular options include the following.

3M (Safety Brand)

Of all the companies listed, 3M has the widest range of products. 3M has always been dedicated to practical uses for scientific development. This may sound commonplace today, but it was an ambitious goal when the company was started in 1902. 3M started as a small operation in Minnesota known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. The original goal of the company was to mine for corundum. However, 3M never found corundum. Instead of admitting defeat, the company worked with the minerals it did find. In short, 3M worked to innovate, and with scientific and technical prowess, 3M managed to innovate its way to success.

Today, 3M is a Fortune 500 company, and it makes more than 60,000 products that are sold around the world. This includes a variety of spray foam products and other spray technology.