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To shut down:

  1. Inject the grease till it blows out the nozzle (usually 2 pumps)
  2. Turn off the air supply
  3. One more shot of grease
  4. Shut off fluid valves.Turn off the fluid shut off valves last.


The o-rings are sealing everything when the fluid line pressure is ON. Turning the fluid pressure OFF first causes the seals to relax and fluid to seep by. Then you inject the grease and push the 2 fluids together and your gun is crossed over at that point.

By injecting the grease with the air ON, you know that grease has surrounded the chamber and the internal ports when the grease spits out the front. Now, any fluid remaining will not stick to the internal ports. When you then turn off the air and inject 1 more shot, your filling the void left from the purge air.

Now, when you turn of the fluid supply, the seals relax and the fluid has no place to go.Following the method, I have been able to shut down for 3-4 weeks, pick up the gun and start spraying.

I also keep 4 complete fluid head front end ready. If I have any trouble with the gun, I can replace the front end and be spraying in a couple minutes.