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We wanted to update our post from years ago about different guns people use.

Below are the more popular guns and their specifications along with things we like and/or detest about them.

Graco GlasCraft Probler P2 Gun and P2 Elite

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Probler P2 Gun is lightweight and easy to maneuver, even in difficult spraying positions. Its double piston design provides more than 300 pounds (136 kg) of triggering force much more than a smaller piston diameter. (Most guns on the market will give you a shifting force of 300+ pounds. because most all use the same size pistons) The Probler P2 reduces maintenance, increases spraying uptime and is easy to use.The P2 elite has a couple modifications. You can easily remove the filter screw to clean the filter, so no more having to remove the entire side block just to clean a filter screen. The main block is about 1/4" longer to allow this, so a spacer is required to get the chamber to screw on to the piston. The P2 has always been a good gun and I can count the number of scratched chambers I've seen over 10 years on 1 hand. That is till 2018 hit. 2018 brought in numerous issues like scratched chambers. SPF Depot can harden your Graco chamber so it holds up far better, or you can just buy our chamber for the gun. The SPF Depot chambers for the Probler Glasswork Craft P2 gun is a single part design so the insert is machined into the body. Its a good gun for foam and polyuria, but I prefer to sell it to people spraying that don't need to change chambers out. Guys spraying in the field that tend to want to change chamber sizes, have to clean the tip often for closed cell foam or have to replace the ISO filter often due to ISO crystals, the P2 gun is going to be labor intensive for you. Any cleaning or work require you to remove the side blocks, unscrew the main block, unscrew the chamber - then start screwing everything back on.

Gusmer GAP and GAP Pro Guns

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For construction, bedlining, roofing and other plural-component spraying. Hardened steel side seals and mix chamber for long-lasting performance. No adjustments necessary. Easy access screens reduce end-of-the-day maintenance time. The claims made are a bit out of date, or not a major deal. The gun sprays what they say, but most people sell hardened side seals and chambers. Big Deal. SPF Depot makes the harder and for a lot less money. Still a popular gun in the US market with "old timers". Its what many people started with and was popular when I started in 2005. In fact, my first training school was for the GAP gun and I had the Fusion AP. Chamber prices from Graco for the GAP gun have have gone out of site. Obviously, they don't want to keep this gun alive - so SPF Depot bought a German company in 2017 that makes the entire gun with their own aftermarket parts. The person that made it is retired from Gusmer, so he knew all dimensions and all parts interchange. The side blocks screw on just like the Probler P2, but you can easily unscrew the filter screw to replace the filter. Changing the mix chamber is just as involved on the GAP gun as the GlasCraft P2 is. Still, its a very good gun as are all guns made by the original GUSMER folks that now work for PMC Polymac. More on the PMC guns later. Maximum Fluid Working Pressure3000 psiMinimum Air Inlet Pressure100 psiMaximum Air Inlet Pressure125 psiMaximum Output (flow rate)40 lb/minAir Inlet Size1/8 nptA Component (ISO) Inlet Size-5 JIC; 1/2-20 UNFR Component (Resin) Inlet Size-6 JIC; 9/16-18 UNFLength7 in.Height7.25 in.Width4.4 in.Weight2.34 lbWetted PartsStainless steel, carbon steel, brass, nylon, acetal, PTFE, aluminum

GUSMER GX6, GX7, GX8 Series guns

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Gusmer guns have been around for decades and still work. This speaks volumes for the original GUSMER spray foam guns and the engineering/design they did. They where made to last rather than just sell repair parts for. SPF Depot bought another German company in 2018 that stocked over $1 million in original GUSMER factor parts. E C Janke retired from GUSMER and has parts for all the Gusmer guns along with some aftermarket parts. Some parts are made by the same guys that made the original GUSMER GX7 parts. The inventory levels include GUSMER and GLASCRAFT cylinders and repair kits. The GX7 gun is great for spray foam including closed cell foams that tend to clog up chambers so fast.The GX7-400 series is perfect for spraying polyurea due to the tips and mix modules they use. We strongly recommend the GX7 and the PMC PX7 9 (exact copy by PMC) for closed cell foam so you don't have to clean the mix module every 10 minutes. Air Supply100-125 psiMaximum Operating Pressure3500 psiMaximum Output ❄GX-7A Model40 lbs/minGX-7 DI Model22 lbs/minGX-7 400 Model8 lbs/minMinimum Output ❄GX-7A Model4 lbs/minGX-7 DI4 lbs/minGX-7 4003.5 lbs/minDimensionsHeight9 in.Length9.5 in.Width4.5 in.Weight3.5 lbs.MixingGX-7A ModelInternal impingement, airless atomization, solvent-free, mechanically self cleaningGX-7 DI ModelInternal direct impingement, airless atomization, solvent-free, mechanically self cleaningGX-7 400 ModelInternal direct impingement, airless atomization, solvent-free, mechanically self cleaning

Graco Fusion AP

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The Fusion AP is the most popular spray gun worldwide. Graco made this gun to be user friendly in the field and even their design patent claim is easily assembled and disassembled in the field without numerous tools. I think all you need is the 5/16 nut driver. Its easy to change out the chamber and the filter screws. The biggest issue is bypass of fluids, scoring chambers. Much of the blame is on the guys maintaining the gun. Sanding the chambers and side seals cups the surface so they leak. The front main cap threads start to wear and don't force the side seals to seat very hard. The chamber ears on the rear used to fit the mix chamber to the piston break. SPF Depot had this problem before and we fixed the issue. SPF Depot hasn't had a broken chamber in 5 years, but e still se new Graco chambers getting broken. Distributors claim you need a new piston, you hit the air cap and caused the chamber to break, you need to grease the piston.... It sells a lot of new parts, but that not fixing the chamber and its problem. Maximum Fluid Working Pressure3500 psiMinimum Air Inlet Pressure80 psiMaximum Air Inlet Pressure130 psiAir Flow Range200°F7.5 x 8.1 x 3.3 inWeight2.5 lbWetted PartsAluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, carbide, chemically resistant o-rings


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The AP3 came out to replace their AP2 in 2018. The AP3 is improved by making the handle and trigger section all 1 piece. The AP2 had a dove tail design that was easily damaged and small screws many people would strip out. The chamber design is good and allows you to spray standard and wide angle all with the same chamber just by replacing the air cap. This gun is popular in the US and is starting to sell well in the EU regions.