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SPF Depot was founded in 2005 by Patrick M. Gililland, an engineer with more than two decades of experience in equipment innovation. Before SPF Depot, Pat worked in the fluid power engineering industry designing tooling and filtration systems still used by General Motors, Georgia Pacific and International Paper, among others. When Pat entered the spray foam insulation industry, he realized that many guns had defects and replacement parts were too expensive with short life spans. Spotting a challenge, Pat developed his own spray foam gun parts to try to fix the problems.

After using his re-engineered manufactured Graco chambers, seals and side-seal assembly, customers saw a dramatic reduction in wear issues, which inspired Pat to market his hard-coated chambers. Because the products are hard-coated and heat-treated, they are durable and last for a longer period of time than other parts on the market. The original AR2929, one of Pat's signature creations almost a decade ago, has been proven to last for many years with no score marks and is still in use in the field. To this day, Pat has sold more than 2,000 of his re-engineered chambers without a single breaking issue.

Pat also developed the Platinum Series Chamber, an official SPF Depot product, which does not score from side seals. The series comes with a 1-year warranty on score marks. After 7 years, SPF Depot has not had a single one returned. SPF Depot offers 4 types of side seals: soft steel side seal, gold titanium-coated side seal, plastic PolyCarb side seal and 100 percent pure titanium side seal. Using the pure titanium with the Platinum series chamber provides the most durable combination in the global market.

SPF Depot is always thinking about how to reduce costs for contractors. In addition to reengineering chambers, Pat also created repair kits for crucial items, such as the 246356 shut off valve, which large companies don't want to offer. SPF Depot offers products and services to companies worldwide as a testament of their engineering ability to make replacement products better for less. Pat is currently working on developing replacement parts for the E20 and E30 Graco Reactors that the Graco does not offer in the U.S.

Today SPF Depot is the one-stop shop for professional contractors in the spray foam and polyurea coating industries. SPF Depot not only distributes their own branded components but also OEM equipment from the industries' top names. The company also features the safety equipment required, including full-face respirators, respiratory pumps, gloves and spray suits. In 2012, SPF Depot expanded to a 10,000 square foot warehouse and store and they also have a 20,000 square foot machine shop. Their facility houses SPF Depot's sales, service and training departments and even offers in-house daycare services for employees. SPF Depot is a distributor for PMC, 3M, North Safety, MSA, IPM, FOMO and Allegro Safety, with a large selection of inventory.

SPF Depot recently expanded to Europe and is providing long-lasting and superior quality spray gun replacement parts for the GX7, GAMA and GAP guns. The products meet all European standards and are currently available in Ireland and Poland, but they will soon be available in Germany and Russia. In addition to supplying products, SPF Depot provides technical support for European customers.

SPF Depot has created a successful business by providing innovative and long-lasting products to make your job easier, and that remains their mission today. SPF Depot promises to always offer fast and friendly service to customers and to always stock in-demand products and alternatives. All parts made by SPF Depot are manufactured in the United States.

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