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With ProConnect technology in the Fusion PC gun, the entire fluid section includingthe side seals and all associated o-rings are replaced in a singlecartridge compared to individual parts. This means you can stockfewer parts and have a perfect rebuild in seconds, with a factorytested replacement cartridge.

For over 60 years, Graco has been the go-to company for spray guns for homeowners, contractors and professionals. That experience provides expert technology in driving the development of new tools for spraying materials such as adhesives, polyurethane and spray polyurethane foams. With a trusted name and the technological achievements made to keep you operating and spraying faster between cleanings, Graco provides industry-leading products to maintain your project's momentum.

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Graco Fusion AP Trigger Screw Graco Fusion AP Trigger Screw

Graco 203953 Fusion AP Trigger Screw - 2.90ea

Retail Price: $3.55
SPF GOLD Lock Ring Graco Fusion AP/PC Lock Ring

Retail Price: $115.50
test test

Retail Price: $180.00
Graco Fusion PC Cartridge Graco Fusion PC Cartridge

Retail Price: $200.00
42 and 52 Round Chambers for Graco PC Gun 42 and 52 Round Chambers for Graco PC Gun

Graco Fusion PC Guns and parts. OEM product. Reduced price

Retail Price: $280.50
Graco Fusion PC Head Graco Fusion PC Head

Graco Fusion PC Heads for 452.00

Retail Price: $452.00
Graco Fusion PC Retrofit Kit Graco Fusion PC Retrofit Kit

Chamber not Included
Please Choose Chamber Size from Drop down

Retail Price: $1,035.00
Graco Fusion PC Guns Graco Fusion PC Guns

Retail Price: $2,870.00

About the Graco Fusion PC Gun

The Graco Fusion PC (ProConnect) Gun provides an interchangeable all-in-one cartridge head that replaces multiple parts of the fluid section of the gun. The ability to move all of these replaceable parts into one component yields a spray gun rebuild in seconds. This 13-in-one component eliminates the need to purchase individual O-rings that take working time and effort to take apart, clean and put back together. While some contractors keep multiple spray guns as backup for when they need to clean one so they can finish the job on time, instead, simply keep multiple cartridges in place to swap in seconds. Here at SPFDepot.com, we have all the parts necessary to keep your Graco Fusion PC Gun in working order or to retrofit your Graco AP gun.