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Polyurea & Urethane Foam Spray Foam & Polyurea Release Agent Spray Foam & Polyurea Solvents | ISO Solvent
Spray Foam Hose & System Flush Solvent Spray Foam Hose & System Flush Solvent

From cleanup to equipment maintenance, you need effective products to get the job done. Shop our SPF Depot brand lubricants and cleaning solvents to maintain your hose, guns and equipment for optimum performance. Removing excess foam from equipment can be a pain, which is why you need cleaning solvents that quickly remove cured spray foam and polyurea. Our SPF-6 spray foam solvent makes cleaning polyurea and foam easy, and it doesnt require heat! Try our ISO Removal to get rid of cured ISO quickly and effectively. Is overspray slowing down the end of your day? Try one of our release agents and enjoy a fast wipe-off and cleanup.

Our high-quality selection of lubricants, release agents, solvents, hose and system flush, and open or closed cell foam is unmatched. We offer all these products in a variety of sizes for those who just want to try them or need to stock up. Keep your spray foam equipment in tip-top shape and ready to go with SPF Depot lubricants and cleaning solvents!

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118665 O-ring lube High Temp O-Ring Lube

Proprietary Product of SPF Depot. O-Ring Lubricant. Superior to the OEM product.
Custom blend MADE SPECIFICALLY for spray foam and polyurea applications.

Retail Price: $4.68

Fusion Spray Gun Grease Gun Grease

Genuine SPF Depot Parts

Retail Price: $5.78

TSL Fittings TSL Fittings

Graco TSL Pump Parts

Retail Price: $7.99
SPF Throat Seal Lube SPF Throat Seal Lube (TSL)

ISO46 Throat Seal Lube for pump shaft. 16 ounce bottle pictured. 1 gallon can also available.

Retail Price: $14.25

Solvent Sample Set Solvent Sample Set

4oz Samples.

Retail Price: $15.00

SPF RELEASE Release Agent SPF RELEASE® Release Agent

SPF Depot Proprietary Blend. SPF Release­®

GROUND Shipping Only

Retail Price: $20.95

Polyurethane Release Agent ChemTrend Pura Insulation Release

ChemTrend Release Agents for Polyurethane. Mavcoat Mold Release Coatings for Polyurethane provide highly effective release properties for all cast elastomers, rigid and flexible foams. The coatings adhere to all mold surfaces such as, aluminum, steel, urethane, epoxy, and fiberglass.

Retail Price: $23.05

Inlet Check Valve for TSL Bottles Inlet Check Valve for TSL Bottles

Genuine SPF Depot Parts

Retail Price: $29.00

Outlet Check Valve for TSL Bottle Outlet Check Valve for TSL Bottles

Genuine SPF Depot Parts

Retail Price: $29.00

SPF Depot SPF-6 Foam Solvent SPF-6 Foam Solvent

1 Gallon cleans over 200 guns. SPF-6 Solvent melts the cured product, so that's what is used to clean your guns. DO NOT USE ON PLASTICS. This stuff melted my plastic jar, so don't put this on your face shields.
Available ONLY from SPF Depot.

Retail Price: $38.66

ISO Solvent SPF ISO Remove - ISO Solvent

ISO REMOVE Removes Cured ISO better than anything I EVER used.
Use SPF-6 for removal of foam/poly.

Retail Price: $38.66

Pump Lube. 1 Gallon Can Pump Lube. 1 Gallon Can

SPF-PL Pump Lube is an environmentally safe alternative for pump maintenance and pump storage. SPF-PL acts as a substitute for the hazardous plasticizers currently used. Fill your lines and proportioner with SPF-PL when storing your rig for the winter to help maintain your Spray Foam Rig. Flush out with SPF-5 when you restart your rigs.

Retail Price: $51.00
SPF-RELEASE FLUID with Misting Bottle RELEASE FLUID with Misting Bottle

SAFE to ship by Air!

Retail Price: $65.56
SPF-5 Hose and System Flush - Sold in 1 & 5 Gallon SPF-5 Hose and System Flush - Sold in 1 & 5 Gallon

Safest Hose Flush agent in the market. SPF-5 is more environmentally friendly than other brands to flush out your ISO lines and break up the internal ISO buildup. Simply fill the line, let it sit for 2 hours and repeat this cycle 3 more times.

Retail Price: $70.00

SPF Depots Direct Replacement for Graco CleanShot 256385 Direct Replacement for Graco CS Fluid

Available in Quart, 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon size

Retail Price: $79.20

TSL Bottle Check Valves SPF TSL Bottle and Check Valves

Genuine SPF Depot Parts

Retail Price: $97.90

Flex Thermocouple ONLY for TSU Unit Flex Thermocouple ONLY for TSU Unit

Replacement for Graco 261669 and PMC EL-51A Temperature Sensing Unit

Retail Price: $215.00
Drum Heater Blanket for 55 Gal. Drum Heater Blanket for 55 Gal.

55-Gallon Drum Heater Jacket

Winter is on the way! Drum heater jackets are the best way to avoid spray foam temperature problems while you are on the job. Utilizing a honeycomb heater wire design, this barrel heater blanket ensures that there is even heat distribution throughout the barrel. This smart design also speeds up heating times so you wont have to wait around. Once the drum heater jacket reaches the desired temperature, it will maintain that temperature so you wont have to worry about it overheating.

Our NEW Heater Blanket. The honeycomb heater design provides a greater coverage area for faster heating times. Unlike other brands, our honeycomb design heater wires don't break when drums bang against each other.

  • Outfitted with a GFCI for extra security for both the product and user
  • High Efficiency Carbon Heating Grid evenly distributes heat over the entire blanket area
  • Heating element, unlike others, decreases current as temperature increases
  • Constructed of Heavy Duty Vinyl that is NFPA Certified Flame Retardant
  • Blankets are outfitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release plated buckles
  • Vinyl Panel Perimeters are sealed with a fully welded seam
  • 122f Set point is standard. Available with 158f setting

Retail Price: $625.00
UPC-500Max Open Cell Spray Foam .5 OPEN CELL UPC500-MAX

1ea of A and B Drum.

Retail Price: $2,075.00
Foam Sets - Uncertified for Outbuildings ONLY Foam Sets - Uncertified for Outbuildings ONLY


Retail Price: $2,400.00