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: My gun has a very slow response when I pull the trigger. Its not as fast as it used to be.
ANSWER:   The problem is the muffler/Exhaust port on the bottom of the gun handle. On the bottom of the handle is a hex head   bolt with a 1/8" hole in the center. That's the breather/filt
Boiling parts in antifreeze. Manufacturers love it when you do.
Some manufacturers love it when you boil your parts in antifreeze to clean them. As for me, it drives me nuts, but - go ahead and order new parts after you ruin yours. You know why all radiators ar
Chambers resurfaced on sandpaper
Everyone cleans their chambers on sandpaper and it does do a good job at removing small scratch marks. Over time, the chamber will become "cupped" from sanding in a circular pattern and "inclined" fro
Flushing the "A" Side hose. How many gallons of fluid do I need to flush it out?
I get asked this all the time, so I thought I would play around and tell you how to figure that out. A 3/8" hose. Remember Math class and saying "when will I ever need to know -  πR˛ 
HOT WEATHER problems with spray foam.
This time of year, we get numerous calls with issues on guns locking up, crossing over and guns spraying for a few seconds before it just stops spraying. As the weather gets hotter, the gun cross-over
My chamber broke on the lock tab (or piston were the chamber locks on)
ANSWER: Try decreasing your air supply down to 80psi. Many run at 120 Increasing the line pressure increases the force thinking they get a better fan pattern. Truth is, the air supply does 2 things.
My side cartridge broke.
Broken edges on the side cartridge have -0- effect on your gun performance. The part is only shaped that way so the front retaining cap will screw on. ( hard for a round cap top screw onto a flat surf
No fan pattern when spraying, it's just a pee stream
1: If the foam is curing properly, but the gun has no fan pattern, the problem is most likel;y in the main port of the mix chamber. Fan pattern is made in the main port were the foam exits. You could
No Purge Air
QUESTION:    I can't get any purge air. ANSWER: Here is a link to a cutaway view of the internal ports in the handle:
O-Rings - Are your the same as Graco?
We have several types of O-rings . First off, Viton™ is a registered trademark of DuPont™. Number 2: I hear often about the Graco "double Viton™ o-rings". There is no such thing as a double Viton™ o-r
Proper shut down of the gun at the end of the day
To shut down: 1 - inject the grease till it blows out the nozzle (usually 2 pumps) 2 - turn off the air supply 3 - 1 more shot of grease 4- shut off fluid valves. Turn off the fluid s
SPF Solvents: What to use for everyday cleaning.
We have 2 solvents. SPF-6 . We use this everyday to clean foam and polyurea from the guns. Heating isn't required, but on guns we are sent from customers, we will turn the heat on for an hour then tur
What can I use to flush my "A" side hose?
Some people use Diesel fuel. I recommend a 50/50 mix of mineral spirits and lacquer thinner. Go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy 1 gallon of each along with an empty 5 gallon bucket/lid. It will help