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Flushing the "A" Side hose. How many gallons of fluid do I need to flush it out?
Last Updated: 02/12/2013
I get asked this all the time, so I thought I would play around and tell you how to figure that out.

A 3/8" hose.
Remember Math class and saying "when will I ever need to know - πRē  (Pi x Radius Squared)?"  Well look at yourself now.

3/8" = .375" diameter. the radius is 1/2 of that.  .1875
.1875 x .1875 x 3.14
Thats .110 cubic inches of space inside the 3/8" hose per inch of hose.

50' of hose is 600 inches.  

600 x .110 = 66 cubic inches in a 50' hose.

1 gallon has 231 cubic inches.

If you have 200' of hose, you have 66 x 4 = 264 cubic inches. 1.14 gallons to fill the hose. (add a little for the fittings at each end of each hose)

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