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MSDS Sheets: Is it acceptable to distribute copies of MSDSs and consider that to be training?
This was copied from the OSHA web site: Response:  OSHA's Hazard Communication standard (HCS) contains the required, minimum elements in an employee information and training program. See, 29 CFR
OSHA VIDEO: Respiratory Protection in Construction
10 Minute video. Respiratory Protection in Construction (English) Proteccion Respiratoria en la Construccion (Espaņol) (copy/past
OSHA Fit Test Program - FACE MASKS
Having an established "Fit Test Program" for your employees is an OSHA mandate and not just friendly advice. Failure to meet OSHA standards can rack up to $10,000 in fines per occurrence.  Here i
OSHA Fit Test Program - HOODS / HALF MASKS
Here is the link to OSHA and their Fit test procedure for Hoods and 1/2 Face Masks. Manual: Video: English and Spanish Versions- http://
OSHA Required - Written Respiratory Protection Program
Stay up to date on what OSHA requires from you. OSHA fines can start at $10,000. Here is a link to the American Chemical Council. I suggest you print a copy and put it in your OSHA binder (are we allo
PPE and OSHA standards for training employees
Here is a link to the OSHA site that will give you a brochure on what employees are expected to know about proper PPE required for their job. (copy/pas