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Increase your transfer pump and drum mixer life 10 fold
Last Updated: 02/19/2015
Air is supplied to the transfer pump and the drum mixer. Most of us have water in the air along with metal (rust from the inside of your air tank). All o-rings have a built in lubricant. This lubricant dries out over time due to water, heat and even faster when you clean your gun parts with the o-rings on them This is why eventually, your o-rings break when you try to remove it.

Adding a simple lubricator bowl (SPF Depot # LM-201) to the supply line directly at the pump or drum mixer air motor will keep your seals lubricated and provide a smooth stroke as the rubber seals run across the aluminum body. Adjusting the lubricator to the smallest flow that will flow 1oz per week is more than enough to add 10 times the life to your air side seals.

You can add the SPF Depot LM-100 inline dryer for clean dry air PRIOR to flowing through the lubricator and into the pump. This will assure the clean,dry air along with lubrication for the seals.

When rebuilding your pumps, use SPF Depot's 118665-P Green grease to the body surface and the o-rings. Our grease is designed for high pressure, high temp and high water content applications.

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