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    Transfer Pump Heights

    The following is a list of popular brands of pumps we sell.

    Graco T1, T2, T3, IPM IP02, OP232, OP242 and the PMC GHO pump.

    All the pumps put out approximately 5 GPM which is far more than anyone needs, so let's just focus on the height issue to help you select one based on the ceiling height of your rig. If you're looking for a pump with a low profile, we stock the IPM OP-242 pump. 2:1 Ratio means that 100 psi in gives you 200 psi out. This is needed on cold days to move the fluid, or for long runs of your fluid lines. 5 GPM per pump times 2 pumps is equal to 10 GPM total flow. An 05 size chamber has a flow rate of 5 GPM, 1/2 what your pumps can produce.

    Contact us at or view our store at www.SPFDepot.comModel Number: 820303

    Technical Information
    • Fluid Ratio : 2:1
    • Max Output Flow Int : 7.5 gpm(28.4 lpm)
    • Max Output Flow Cont : 5.0 gpm(18.9 Ipm)
    • Max Output Pressure : 360 psi (24.8 bar)
    • Max Air Input Pressure : 180 psi (12.4 bar)
    • Air Inlet Port : 1/4 npt(f)
    • Fluid Outlet Port : 3/4 npt(f)
    • Rod Piston Packings : Telfon
    • Other Seals : Viton
    • Rod Cylinder : Stainless Stee
    • lOther Wetted Parts : Stainless Steel
    • Weight : 11.8kg
    • Package : 6" x 6" x 58" (150mmx150mmx147cm)11.8Kg