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    SPF ISO Remove - ISO Solvent

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      SKU: SPF-ISO
      SPF ISO Remove - ISO Solvent




      Melts cured ISO.  Check out our full line of solvents. SPF-6 gun cleaner for polyurea and polyurethane, SPF-5 hose and system flush.
      Availability Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
      Product Features Just drop your parts into the solvent. After 30 minutes, remove and wipe ISO away. Rinse in MEK or Xylene to remove solvent. Heavy deposits will require longer soak times.
      Product Short Name ISO Solvent
      Short Description ISO REMOVE� Removes Cured ISO better than anything I EVER used.
      Use SPF-6 for removal of foam/poly.
      Tech Specs DO NOT USE ON PLASTICS. This stuff melted my plastic jar, so don't put this on your face shields.
      Vendor Part Number Rim Cleaner
      Warehouse O27

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