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    SPF-6 Foam Solvent

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      SPF-6 Foam Solvent




      1 Gallon cleans over 200 guns. SPF-6 Solvent melts the cured product, so that's what is used to clean your guns. DO NOT USE ON PLASTICS. This stuff melted my plastic jar, so don't put this on your face shields.
      Available ONLY from SPF Depot.
      Availability Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
      Product Features Rinse in MEK or Xylene to remove solvent after soaking. SPF-6 Solvent - NO HEAT REQUIRED. Melts Foam and Polyurea in as little as 30 minutes
      to Remove Cured ISO.

      Another PROPRIETARY BLEND of SPF Depot

      Product Short Name SPF Depot SPF6 Foam Solvent
      Vendor Part Number NC-7300
      Warehouse O25