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    SPF ClayBar/Shinola Overspray Remover Kit

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      SKU: SPF-CBS
      SPF ClayBar/Shinola Overspray Remover Kit




      Detail your truck today with this kit.
      Product Features

      ClayBar User Information:

      It is important that the surface of the paint is clean and cool to the touch before you start claying.

      Start by cutting the clay into thirds. Do this so you don�t use the whole bar for one use, plus if you drop it you�re not wasting a whole bar.

      Mold the clay by squeezing it in your hand, once it becomes pliable roll it into a ball and flatten into a disc shape about �" thick.

      Spray a generous amount of ClayBar Shinola on a 3x3 area.

      Glide the clay back and forth over the wet area of the paint using little to no pressure. If the clay sticks, add more lubricant. As the clay goes over the paint you will feel and hear the clay picking up the contaminates.

      Keep going over the area until the clay glides easily and you no longer feel or hear contaminates on the paint.

      When the clay becomes dirty, fold it upon its self and knead it until a clean surface appears. Also check the clay periodically to make sure that you didn't pick up any large contaminates that might scratch the paint.

      Remove ClayBar Shinola with a microfiber towel and move to the next section.

      Use our ClayBar Shinola by itself for a fast showroom shine to your auto.

      Be careful not to drop the bar. If you drop it - throw it out and start with a new piece. You don't want to risk scratching your paint with something it might have picked up from the ground.

      Product Short Name SPF ClayBar/Shinola Overspray Remover Kit
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