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    Solvents, Lubricants, Foam Sets & Heaters

    From cleanup to equipment maintenance, you need effective products to get the job done. Shop our SPF Depot brand lubricants and cleaning solvents to maintain your hose, guns and equipment for optimum performance. Removing excess foam from equipment can be a pain, which is why you need cleaning solvents that quickly remove cured spray foam and polyurea. Our SPF-6 spray foam solvent makes cleaning polyurea and foam easy, and it doesn�t require heat! Try our ISO Removal to get rid of cured ISO quickly and effectively. Is overspray slowing down the end of your day? Try one of our release agents and enjoy a fast wipe-off and cleanup.

    Our high-quality selection of lubricants, release agents, solvents, hose and system flush, and open or closed cell foam is unmatched. We offer all these products in a variety of sizes for those who just want to try them or need to stock up. Keep your spray foam equipment in tip-top shape and ready to go with SPF Depot lubricants and cleaning solvents!