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    Graco Glascraft Probler P1 & P2 Replacement Parts

    Graco is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of spray guns and accessories used in the application of foam polyurea and coatings. After purchasing Glascraft, the Probler P1 and newer Probler P2 guns changed their brand under the Graco umbrella. Their spray foam equipment is of the highest quality and known for its ability to reduce material waste and to simplify routine maintenance. These air purge guns are sold worldwide and highly respected by users everywhere. Shop all Graco/Glascraft Probler P1 and Probler P2 parts and supplies below.

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    About the Glascraft Probler P1 & P2 Guns

    The popular, patented dual-piston Glascraft Probler P2, the lightest spray gun in the industry, is a number one choice for dispensing polyurethane foam, adhesives, polyurea and elastomeric coatings. Although built strong and durable, the Probler P2, like any mechanical device, requires periodic maintenance and repair as well as replacement parts when needed.

    Probler P2 Components


    • A Isocyanate (ISO) A-side Hose Connection
    • B Resin (RES) B-side Hose Connection
    • C Supply Air Hose Connection
    • D Purge Air Switch
    • E Isocyanate Shutoff Valve
    • F Resin Shutoff Valve
    • G Piston Safety Lock
    • H Side Block
    • I Zerk Fitting
    • J Trigger
    • K Mix Chamber Insert
    • L Air Cap or Spray Tip
    • M Side Seal Housing
    • N Mix Chamber Inlet

    Probler P2 Port Identification

    The diagram below will help you identify the three inlet ports on the Probler P2 gun. The large left dual port offers your ISO and AIR intake; the right port is your RES inlet.

    Graco Probler P2 Specifications

    Specifications for Probler P2 US Metric
    Maximum Static Fluid Pressure 3500 psi 24.1 MPa, 241 bar
    Air Inlet Pressure Range 90-110 psi 0.62-0.76 MPa, 6.2-7.6 bar
    Air Inlet Size 1/4-18 NPSM
    Inlet Size A 5 JIC, 1/2-20 UNF
    Inlet Size B 6 JIC, 7/16-18 UNF
    Length 3.125 in. 7.9 cm
    Height 4.75 in. 12.1 cm
    Width 6.875 in. 17.4 cm
    Weight 3.9 lb 1.77 kg

    List of Replacement Parts for the P2 Gun

    Part Detail
    100846 FITTING, zerk, st
    GC1898 PISTON, air,1-3/8
    GC1899 PISTON,air,1-1/2
    GC1900 SPACER, cylinder
    GC250A MODULE, mix chamber, model GCP2RA
    GC2500 MODULE, mix chamber, model GCP2R0
    GC2501 MODULE, mix chamber, model GCP2R1
    GC2502 MODULE, mix chamber, model GCP2R2
    GC2503 MODULE, mix chamber, model GCP2R3
    GC2504 MODULE, mix chamber, model GCP2R4
    GC2505 MODULE, mix chamber, model GCP2R5
    GC1914 TIP, front
    16A037 HANDLE, machined, P2 gun
    GC1916 HEAD, Probler 2
    GC1918 PISTON, trigger
    GC1920 PLUG, plug, trigger
    GC1921 RING, retaining, internal
    117517 O-RING
    GC251A INSERT, mix chamber, 0.036,model GCP2RA
    GC2510 INSERT, mix chamber, 0.051, model GCP2R0
    GC2511 INSERT, mix chamber, 0.059, model GCP2R1
    GC2512 INSERT, mix chamber, 0.073, model GCP2R2
    GC2513 INSERT, mix chamber, 0.088, model GCP2R3
    GC2514 INSERT, mix chamber, 0.100, model GCP2R4
    GC2515 INSERT, mix chamber, 0.125, model GCP2R5
    C20988 PACKING, o-ring
    GC2058 O-RING
    108833 PACKING, o-ring
    107563 PACKING, o-ring
    GC2059 O-RING
    C20207 PACKING, o-ring
    GC2060 SCREW, set
    GC2081 SCREW, shdc,
    GC2187 SCREW, shoulder
    GC2241 SCREW, set
    GC2243 SCREW, set
    15B772 HOSE, air, 18 in.
    GC2340 TRIGGER, Probler 2
    GC2341 SPRING, compression
    258761 PISTON SAFETY LOCK, assembly, P2
    - NUT, adjustment, safety stop, P2
    - STOP, piston, P2
    - SPRING, compression
    - O-RING
    - SHAFT, safety stop, P2
    117792 GUN, grease, 3 oz
    117773 LUBRICANT, grease, food grade
    118665 TUBE, grease, Fusion gun, 4 oz

    The Difference Between the P1 and P2 Probler Spray Foam Guns

    Graco Glascraft Probler P1

    The P1 Probler model is the original air purge spray gun that led the industry for years. An unmatched technological advancement, the P1 is the industry benchmark for air purge guns today. Although the P1 model is discontinued to the market, we offer a wide selection of replacement Glascraft P1 parts for repair.

    Features of P1 Model:

    • Full-finger trigger w/ air-assist
    • Solvent-free auto air-purge cleaning system
    • Outputs up to 60 lbs per minute

    Graco Glascraft Probler P2

    The Probler P2 Gun boasts an aerodynamic, lightweight design that allows for easy spray foam application. An upgraded edition to the Probler P1, the P2 enhances the mechanics of the P1�s design to provide an air purge spray gun that requires less maintenance and better usability.

    Features of P2 Model:

    • Double piston design
    • Lightweight & comfortable hold
    • Check valves separating dry side from liquid
    • Sideblock attachment
    • 300 lbs of force
    • Simple maintenance/repair

    Graco Glascraft Probler P2 Elite

    The Probler P2 enhances the P2 designs even further with its versatile design that beautifully integrates the capabilities of a P2 spray gun with those of advanced coating equipment. With this P2 Elite model, spray foam application and coating are seamlessly completed with one simple device.

    • Easily replaceable 2-piece mix chamber
    • Ability to use alternative side block hose routing
    • Easily removable filters
    • Open to more accessories

    Ensure you�re selecting the right parts for your Probler P1, P2 or P2 Elite spray foam gun by checking product specifications. All parts that are sold at SPF Depot are made to be perfectly compatible with Graco products as well as set to the same standard of quality and reliability. Questions? Feel free to contact us for more information.