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    IPM Stick Transfer Pumps

    IPM Transfer Pump units, also called IPM Stick Pumps, are made by International Pump Manufacturing Inc., and are offered here in IP-01, IP-02 and OP Series models, each with a specific fluid ratio. The 1:1 ratio Drum Transfer Pump has a maximum, continuous outflow of 4.0 GPM and 180 PSI. The 2:1 ratio spray foam stick pump, IP-02, will flow a continuous max of 2.5 GPM for the drum pump model or 2.0 GPM for the stubby length model. Both operate at a maximum output pressure of 360 PSI, with a max input pressure of 180 PSI.

    Other options offered in this IPM Stick Pumps Category include a 15:1 ratio and 30:1 ration electric drum pump. All these IMP pumps are made so piston seals don't contact the material being pumped.

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    Pumps and mixers are an important part of ensuring the correct mixture and volume of fluid transfer from a drum to a proportioner and spray gun. SPF Depot has a selection of pumps and mixers along with OEM parts and accessories. The pumps that are available range in fluid ratio ratings from 2:1 to 30:1 and range in continuous fluid flow from 1.0 gallons per minute (gpm) to 7.5 gpm. The pumps replace the Graco T1 and T2 Series transfer pumps. Also, the transfer pumps are made from corrosive-resistant stainless steel, handling even the toughest chemicals. Other accessories are also available, such as a runaway pump stop that automatically stops the pump once the drum is empty, or a drum mixer that can mix a 55-gallon drum in 30 minutes. In addition to pumps and mixers, we have accessories such as gaskets, repair kits, assemblies, adapters and springs.