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    Graco Stick Pumps

    While we aren’t associated with Graco directly, we have worked to provide you with transfer pumps from the worldwide leader in pump technology. We offer the T1 and T2 Graco drum pumps that are sure to provide you with the most consistent feed pressures and flow rates when transferring materials to reactor proportioners.

    These Graco transfer pumps will maintain performance in any environment, even with highly viscose materials, for dependable results every time. With a 2:1 transfer ratio that ensures you will spend more time spraying and less time on maintenance, the T1 and T2 drum pumps are made with stainless steel wetted parts for corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. Fortunately at SPF Depot, we are able to offer you genuine Graco products at a lower cost than OEM prices.

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