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Heated Spray Foam Hose Sets

Quality spray foam hose is a must in order to ensure proper temperatures while spraying, thus providing best performance and yield. We offer only top-quality spray foam heated hose here, including PMC POLYMAC hose with braided thermocouple wire encapsulated in PVC to protect it from moisture. We feature both high pressure heated hose (3500 psi) and low pressure heated hose (2000 psi) in a variety of lengths and diameters, including: 3/8" X 50' (high or low pressure) and 1/4" X 50' (for use in Japan, not the US).

We also carry a high pressure, 1/4" X 10' heated whip hose and both high and low pressure 3/8" X 50' heated spray foam hose lengths for use on the "A" side of your proportioner only, used as a replacement for a damaged "A" side hose.

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SPF-Tube Shrink SPF-Tube Shrink-6" Long
SPF Depot Price $4.35
05 JIC Male Hose Fitting 05 JIC Male Hose Fitting
SPF Depot Price $32.45
A Side JIC Swivel "A" Side 0205 JIC Swivel
SPF Depot Price $7.15

Heater Wire Butt Splice Heater Wire Butt Splice
SPF Depot Price $5.25
Hose Heat Connector Assembly Hose Heat Connector Assembly
SPF Depot Price $40.24
50' Thermocouple Assembly 50' Thermocouple Assembly
SPF Depot Price $256.98

Thermocouple Wire for Heated Hoses Thermocouple Wire for Heated Hoses
SPF Depot Price $2.53

PMC SS Whip Hose Set PMC SS Whip Hose Set
SPF Depot Price $245.65
Sale Price: $190.40
You Save $55.25!

pmc rtd replacement temperature sensing unit PMC RTD Assembly. Replacement to Graco 24K207
SPF Depot Price $639.05
Sale Price: $495.30
You Save $143.75!
Temperature Sensing Unit Temperature Sensing Unit
SPF Depot Price $878.59
Male Quick Connector Plug Male Quick Connector Plug
Retail Price: $5.75