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    Fomo™ P10692 -Sound Barrier Foam Pak

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      SKU: FP-P10692
      Fomo™ P10692 -Sound Barrier Foam Pak




      Fomo Silent Seal Spray Foam

      If you need to seal, insulate and sound dampen a mine ventilation system, the ideal choice is Silent Seal by Fomo. The Silent Seal sound deadening foam was created with mine ventilation uses in mind and works by quickly sealing and expanding in seconds. The sound proof insulation is designed to reduce sound travelling in both above ground and underground areas. The Fomo sound barrier spray adheres to coal, steel, concrete, wood and most other materials.

      A major advantage of this sound proof insulation is the ability to apply Silent Seal without a breathing mask or supplied air breathing apparatus. The non-toxic sound dampening seal is applied using the Handi-Gun Dispensing Unit. Silent Seal has passed the ASTM E-162 test, which assesses a materials surface flammability risk.

      Available from SPF Depot in 250, 450 and 1350 BF coverage. (Board Feet is square foot of coverage 1" thick)

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      Product Short Name Fomo Sound Barrier Foam Pak
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