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Gray Safety Glasses Clear Safety Glasses Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggle - Vented
Gray Safety Glasses
SPF Depot Price $1.95
Clear Safety Glasses
SPF Depot Price $1.95
Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggle - Vented
SPF Depot Price $2.29

10 Pack Protective Lens Covers SPF Depot peel lens protectors 3M peel off lens protectors

Peel Off Lens Protectors

You can save some money while not having to skimp on quality with these Peel Off Lens Covers for 3M FF-400 respirators. Though not OEM, these peel off lens protectors are definitely up to OEM quality, and the bargain basement-type discount offered here on these disposable respirator lens covers lets you buy seven of our 10-packs for the price of only one of theirs at the regular OEM retail cost.

Having the proper tear off lens cover handy for frequent replacement on your mask is imperative if the excellent, designed-in visibility of the 3M FF-400 Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirator is to be maintained. The protective lens covers shown here are made specifically for the FF-400 Series of 3M respirator masks and will fit perfectly. The FF-400-404 Series represent the most rugged facepieces made by 3M, and are most appreciated for their comfort and exceptional field of view. Don't compromise your vision clarity.

SPF Depot Brand. Fits Allegro Mask. Eliminate the need for peel offs with SPF RELEASE. 19.95/can last several jobs.
Allegro 9901-08 Exhaust Outer Cover Advanz Goggles Half Face Respirator Large
Advanz Goggles
SPF Depot Price $11.99

In Stock

Buy ADVANZ Protective Safety Goggles

Due to high demand, we now stock ADVANZ spray foam safety goggles. As the protective lens becomes dirty, twist the knob to advance the film. The ADVANZ safety goggles for insulation, spray painting, and spray foam systems allow you to see clearly while protecting your spray foam facemask from small particulates that can stick to facemasks and cause permanent damage. Once the surface of your ADVANZ goggles becomes contaminated with overspray, simply advance the wheel on the side of the goggles to expose a new set of clear frames.

Each pair of ADVANZ spray foam safety goggles comes with 30 clean frames. Once all 30 frames have been used, simply discard the goggles and choose a new pair. ADVANZ spray foam safety goggles protect against fog, fit over eyeglasses and can be worn with a half-mask respirator; this is the most advanced and affordable spray foam safety goggle solution available.

3M masks
Advanz Lens Covers Half Face Respirator Medium North 550030L Half Face Respirator Mask
Advanz Lens Covers
SPF Depot Price $12.99


Buy ADVANZ Peel-Off Spray Foam Lens Covers

SPF Depot sells ADVANZ brand lens covers for spray paint and spray foam protective face masks. These are peel off lens covers used to provide visual clarity for spray foam operators. When the Advanz protective mask lens cover becomes dirty, simply roll the wheel to expose a new, unaffected lens cover. This allows spray foam operators to continue operating their spray foam equipment without constantly stopping to clean their protective face mask. As you may know, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove particulates from your facemask and these lens covers provide a simple solution to the problem of visual obstructions on your spray foam mask. Each pair of Advanz peel off lens covers comes with 30 sheets of clean lenses. Once all sheets have been used, discard the set and begin using a new pair.

3M masks Filter NOT included
SPF Depot peel lens protectors Allegro 9910-10 replacement supplied air hood 3M Respirator Head Harness
NEW ITEM - Fits Allegro 9911-10 Masks
HOOD Only for AL-9220.
Fits 3M masks
Allegro 9901-09R Lens Retainer with Screw/Nut Allegro 9910 Complete Hood Assembly Allegro 9910-D Complete Hood Assembly
In Stock In Stock See AL-9910-03 for Adjustable Head Band
3M Respirator Mask Lens SPF Brand 400-15 Peel Off Lens Protectors - 200/PACK Allegro 9920 Half Mask Supplied Air Respirator
FF-400 Series 3M Respirator Lens
SPF Depot Price $73.50
fits 3M FF-400 Series Masks In Stock
3M Respirator Mask North 5400 Respirator Mask 3M Respirator Mask
North 5400 Respirator Mask
SPF Depot Price $174.90
FF-400 Series 3M Respirator Masks
SPF Depot Price $185.00
Our best bargain for Full Face Respirators. FILTERS NOT INCLUDED . Uses fresh air supply or filter cartridges.
Allegro Supplied Air Shield Allegro Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator North 760008A Face Respirator Mask
Allegro 9903-D Supplied Air Shield
SPF Depot Price $204.25
North 760008A Face Respirator Mask
SPF Depot Price $251.90
. In Stock Filter NOT included
3M Respirator Mask
7800 Series 3M Respirator Mask
SPF Depot Price $298.00
Uses 6001 Filter