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    Aluminum Color-Code Chambers

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      SKU: Chamber-AR-AL
      Aluminum Color-Code Chambers




      Aluminum Series
      Availability Usually Ships in 24 Hours
      Product Features
      AR42 emergency aluminum chamber* in Red* with side seals and orings.

      Ships in a USPS box if ordered as an individual part.

      *Red is the normal color for the
      AR42 emergency aluminum chamber however not all AR42 aluminum chamber will be shipped in red because of different vendors used to source materials.
      *Aluminum chambers are limited use and are only be used with the plastic side seals. During our testing the chambers have lasted between 1-15 set of material depending on what is being spray and how often the main port has to be cleaned with a drill bit.
      Again this is an aluminum chambers, being aluminum is can be damaged by the material being spray,by excessive cleaning out of the main port with a drill bit and by the use of metal side seals.

      Product Short Name Fusion A Side Check Valve Assembly
      Vendor Part Number AR Chambers
      Warehouse DB 17