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Spray Foam Hose & System Flush Solvent

We believe we've created the very best spray foam hose solvent available anywhere, and it's only available here at SPF. SPF-5 is a spray foam hose cleaning solvent that works overnight to clean your ISO lines and break up internal buildup. It's an environmentally friendly, non-carcinogenic spray foam hose flush that replaces DOP, which has now been recognized as containing cancer-causing agents. Our product is welcomed in California.

SPF-8 BioGreen-Solv is another of our proprietary items and is another excellent spray foam solvent. It's also Earth-friendly and contains no ozone-depleting or global warming chemicals. It's used to melt cured Urethane Foam. SPF-8 is biodegradable, recyclable, non-flammable and ideal for replacing petroleum-based solvents. This item is cleared for use in European Union countries and is manufactured from renewable resources. Additional uses include paint removal from metal objects, use as a parts cleaner and as a solvent for removing grime and other residue from machinery.

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