IPM Stick Transfer Pumps

IPM Transfer Pump units, also called IPM Stick Pumps, are made by International Pump Manufacturing Inc., and are offered here in IP-01, IP-02 and OP Series models, each with a specific fluid ratio. The 1:1 ratio Drum Transfer Pump has a maximum, continuous outflow of 4.0 GPM and 180 PSI. The 2:1 ratio spray foam stick pump, IP-02, will flow a continuous max of 2.5 GPM for the drum pump model or 2.0 GPM for the stubby length model. Both operate at a maximum output pressure of 360 PSI, with a max input pressure of 180 PSI.

Other options offered in this IPM Stick Pumps Category include a 15:1 ratio and 30:1 ration electric drum pump. All these IMP pumps are made so piston seals don't contact the material being pumped.

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IPM Foot Valve Cylinder IPM Foot Valve Cylinder
SPF Depot Price $179.00
IP02 Series Bung Adapter IP02 Series Bung Adapter
SPF Depot Price $98.23

IPM-02 Drum Pump IPM-02 Drum Pump
SPF Depot Price $1,143.83

IPM-IP15 15:1 Pump IPM-IP15 15:1 Pump
SPF Depot Price $3,286.60
IPM-IP30 30:1 Pump IPM-IP30 30:1 Pump
SPF Depot Price $3,929.63
IPM Drum Pump IPM-02 SST Drum Pump
SPF Depot Price $1,236.37
IPM Run-Away Pump Stop IPM Run-Away Pump Stop
SPF Depot Price $469.00
IPM 500213 Pump Seal IPM Pump Seal
Retail Price: $2.50