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    3M Safety Products

    Whether working in the chemical industry or spraying insulation foam as part of a home project, there can be harmful toxins present in the air at any moment. Work environments like factories and pipelines are also especially dangerous and prone to hazardous leaks, so it’s important to keep workers safe while they’re on the job. SPF Depot is proud to offer a wide range of 3M safety products from one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.

    From 3M full face respirators and supplied air respirators to the popular organic 3M filter cartridge sets, we have all of the equipment necessary to keep workers from inhaling airborne toxins. Check out the 3M lens protector models 6885 and FF400-15 to keep your mask lens from getting damaged or pick up a 3M half face respirator for breathable air while you’re working. Whenever the work environment calls for quality respiratory equipment, 3M and SPF Depot have you covered.