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    3M Half Face Respirator - Large

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      SKU: 3M-6300E
      3M Half Face Respirator - Large




      3M masks

      The Large 3M-6300 Half-Face Respirator offers a simple yet effective design that protects your lungs from particles and contaminants. When used with the appropriate filters and cartridges, this face mask filters particles and vapors from the air, allowing you to breathe in fresh, clean air while you're spraying insulation. The compact, lightweight design makes this mask easy to wear, transport and clean over the course of hundreds of jobs. Simply secure the mask on your face, then use the straps to adjust the size and avoid any risk of exposure while you're working. This mask is compatible with basic air filtering as well as supplied air.

      The 3M-6300 Half-Face Respirator is made from strong materials like silicone and thermoplastic. This mask can be disassembled and reassembled for easy cleaning.

      Product Short Name Half Face Respirator Large
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